About Us

BrainStorm Network is a Montreal-based company that provides a full suite of online solutions for your company or personal needs. We offer web design, graphic design, a full range of hosting solutions, and dedicated gaming servers.

BrainStorm Network offers colocation services and has dedicated servers in 47 locations (and growing) around the world. We have servers in cities such as Toronto, New York, Seattle and Chicago in North America; London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Lisbon in Europe; Hong Kong, Singapore, New Delhi, Tokyo and Shanghai in Asia; and many others, including Cairo, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and Helsinki. 

We also offer shared and reseller Web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, as well as domain name registration. 

For a full range of our hosting solutions, please visit BSN Servers

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BrainStorm Network is one of the largest game hosting networks in the world. We are the biggest gaming provider in both Japan and Canada. We offer dedicated game servers and are one of the first and only companies to do so. We have provided gaming servers as a Trusted Partner for companies such as EA Games, Activision-Vivendi Entertainment and Crytek. 

For a full list of gaming services, please visit BSN Gaming.

BrainStorm Network also provides a full range of website solutions, where we can design and build websites for personal and professional purposes. We have created websites for Denis Talbot, entertainment commerce purposes and charities. 

Our website services include configuration of your website to your specifications, installation of security measures, adding and configuring forums, community management services, data storage, SEO, e-commerce services, content translation and copy writing, social network integration, advertising, graphic design, and subscriptions through email and RSS feeds. 

At BrainStorm Network, we pride ourselves on offering low prices on all of our high-quality services. We meet deadlines and targets on budget without fail. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver services to that client's exact specifications.