Marketing Solutions

If a tree falls in a forest but no one hears it, does it still make sound? Probably, but a website with no traffic is an investment with no return. We will analyze your site, your market and the competition you are facing and present you with a detailed marketing plan to promote your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, takes your website to the next step. While it is best implemented from the ground up at the time of creation, we can help you improve your current situation and site ranking, using only white hat techniques. You can choose individual SEO services, or take a look at our SEO packages!

From the market analysis to the actual implement of chosen keywords in each page, title and link of your website, we've got it covered!

HTML/css Validation
Validation CleanUp
Broken Links Cleanup
Search engine inclusion
Keyword tweaking and optimisation
GoogleAnalytics setup and installation
Sitemap creation and update

The Social Network

Everybody has heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more importantly, the importance of establishing a strong social networking. We view those sites as your modern PublicRelation expert, with a reach that is only limited to the number of connected users. With the amount of demographics readily available in online profiles, you also get the benefit of learning from your visitors and clients in real time, helping you target your next marketing campaign accordingly.

Facebook Like and Share buttons
Tweet this button
AddThis sharing platform, with 200+ outlets
Creation of your online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin*
Twitter feeds on your site
Facebook page module**

*And more!
**Ie: 3268 people like Your Company or Site name on Facebook

Advertising and revenue generating solutions

Animated and static Banners design
Inclusion in MultiClics/24-7
Setup Google Adwords (PPC Campaign)
Revenue Generating with Google Adsense
Revenue generating advertising on your site through MC/24-7

Keeping in touch

One very effective way to keep visitors coming back to your content is to remind them that it's there. Offer your visitors the ability to subscribe to your site in one of the following ways, and remind them of your presence with the help of automated senders and templates

Newsletters Subscriber
RSS Feeds and Trackbacks
Email templates and auto-senders